IdeaBridgeâ„¢ Community Edition

IdeaBridge™ enables public organizations to engage with large communities in a productive and engaging way with a clear goal of arriving at decisions and achieving results. IdeaBridge™ Community Edition has been designed to help administrators quickly and easily sift through a large amount of ideas in an objective matter, which would otherwise have required a huge amount of effort.This evaluation process makes use of rules which can be configured based on the needs of the organization in question. This stage also allows the administrator to include others in the evaluation process e.g. subject matter experts, smaller communities and so on.

Benefits of IdeaBridge™ Community Edition :


  • Quick & Easy

    this platform can be set
    up and deployed in just a few weeks

  • Custom Branding

    matching your colours, logo,
    and corporate branding

  • Best-practice defined Ideation platform

    using the knowledge and experience of our team
    to run a successful platform

  • Simple & User Friendly

    User Friendly ready to use platform is preloaded
    with all you need in order to manage
    a successful Ideation system