Plus Innovations offers a perfect fit to every organizational innovation need, allowing any company to develop an effective and profitable innovation manangement program with below products and platform .

IdeaBridge™ Enterprise Edition

IdeaBridge™ Enterprise Platform enables organisations to collect, identify, refine, select and manage new innovative ideas and then convertth... Know More

IdeaBridge™ SME Edition

IdeaBridge™SME Edition is ideal for small business looking to launch an innovation process or trying to get their idea management off the gro... Know More

IdeaBridge™ Community Edition

IdeaBridge™ enables public organizations to engage with large communities in a productive and engaging way with a clear goal of arriving at d... Know More

IdeaBridge™ - Continuous Business Improvement Platform

Innovation Within Enterprises

Engage with your employees and drive innovation more effectively with IdeaBri... Know More

For External Innovation

Manage ideas from your consumers or clients using a robust and proven Ideatio... Know More


IdeaBridge™ Enterprise Edition

IdeaBridge empowers 15000+ Users of The world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide to collectively Contribute innova... Know More

IdeaBridge™ Community

IdeaBridge empowers 10,000 + growing community of Thai Entrepreneurs , VC , Mentors & Advisors registered with Startup Incubator  to collectively Contribute innovative ideas using Ide... Know More

IdeaBridge™ SME Edition

In this case, the project necessitated the creation of a Idea Management System to enable the collection and evaluation of good ideas from all employees. The best ideas would then be selected to mo... Know More


Plus Innovations offers Consulting Services Guidance, Training, and Implementation for Your Innovation Program.IdeaBridge™ Innovation Experts provides full support for your innovation program. From strategic planning to hands-on implementation and execution. Our team of experts are there to help you succeed.

Design Thinking

A Step-by-step process to Innovate ! Design Thinking is an iterative human-centered approach to problem-solving. In an increasingly competitive market, where users and consumers have become ... Know More

Innovation Team Coaching

Your innovation managers may require a little more help than our initial training and planning advice. Therefore we offer a mentoring service for key individuals within your team. IdeaBridge™ ac... Know More

Innovation Adoption

IdeaBridge™ will monitor your campaigns, participation and quality of submissions on a daily basis.  We will look to identify any areas where the program can improve and guide your innovati... Know More

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